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Everything you need to know about Lessons, Equipment etc..

Freeride Starter

You have already tried to ride steeper slopes and different types of snow. Even in difficult piste conditions you cope quite well. Concerningoff-piste you still have little or no previous experience.

Freeride Stop or Go
You have some freeride knowledge and you have been riding off-piste already, but you always had an uncertain feeling when you rode off-piste.

Freestyle Easy: About 10 days snowboard pratice (or more). You manage a drifted turn and you ride red rund more or less without problems. In Freestyle you have little or even no experience.

Freestyle Pro: About 2 weeks snowboard practice (or more). You don't have problems with drifted turns on red runs and you already have prior freestyle-experience in slopestyle or in the fun park.


Basic 2: About 2 to 4 days snowboard practise. Your turns are not perfect yet (usually turning to one of the sides does not work that well) and you still feel a bit unsteady on the blue slopes.

Perfection 1: About 6 to 10 days snowboard practise. You manage a drifted turn and blue slopes are usually no longer a problem for you, but on medium-steep slopes you are still unsure.

2: About 2 weeks snowboard pratice or more. You manage turns on both blue and red slopes more or less without any problems. Maybe you have even tried a black slope, carving turns or off-piste terrain.


Kids: In our Riglet course and Private lessons children can start snowboarding from the age of 3. For participation in the Young Boarder Zone courses the children should be aged 6 or 7 to start.

Adults: For adults there is no upper age limit! no-one is too old, with the help of our "Buddy-System" we will guide you step by step and as safe as possible through your first turns. 



On the first day of the BASIC course we will go up the hill by foot, so you will not need a liftpass for the first day. On the second and third day you will be able to buy a card with points, which will be deducted from your total amount of points when you use a lift. From the fourth day you can choose to buy a liftpass for the area. You can discuss the details with your snowboard instructor or with us in the shop.

The use of a leash is mandatory in our BASIC courses and in our Young Boarder Zones! The leash is a safety line for you not to loose the snowboard on the slopes. A snowboard does not have a skistopper and therefore it can turn into a very dangerous object when it shoots down the slopes unbreaked!

Helmet Helmets are mandatory for kids in Austria. Helmets are also recommended for all adults! Wearing a helmet in freestyle is of particular importance.

Wrist guards are particularly in beginner courses of advantage, but from our point of view they are not absolutely nessecary.

Protector Shorts
and Kneeguards are often used in harsh snow conditions

Backprotectors are used more and more often in advanced and sporty riding. They are especially used in freestyle (fun park) but also in freeriding.

For the other protectors applies: A well-constructed snowboard lesson is more important than any protective equipment!



On request, we take care of your child during the lunch break for free. The snowboard instructor will help your child to order and pay in the restaurant. 


Whoever books a snowboard course with us gets the cheap package deal: Lessons, board and boots at a special price.
Our rental equipment is very well serviced and maintained and can be used before or after the lessons for the rest of the day.

JUNIOR Package: For kids up to and including the age of 14. Lessons + Boots + Junior board from Burton.

LTR Package: For beginners. Lessons + Boots + Learn To Ride Board from Burton.

TOP Package: For intermediates and advanced. Lessons + Boots + Top Board (Sales value 270,- till 430,- €)

HIGH END Package: Special selected Board and bindings for your very special range of use. Lesson + Boots + High End Board (Sales value 430,- till 1200,- €)


In our Riglet courses and Private lessons children can take part from the age of 3 years. For participation in the Young Boarder Zone courses the kids should be 6 or 7 years old.For adults there is no upper age limit! With the help of our special teaching methods ("Hold and Secure") we will guide you step by step and as safe as possible through your first turns.

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